We offer a variety of services designed to map out the strategic and long-term context of your organization.  Our global network of foresight professionals will help your organization identify, explore, and forecast the forces driving change in your business.  Building upon that foresight we can help you reframe your organization’s goals for the future and to develop innovative new strategy.


Designing and facilitating workshops in which your people take an active role in developing your organization’s foresight.

  • Sensemaking and foresight workshops

  • Scenario workshops

  • Strategy development workshops

Developing original analyses and forecasts about the futures of your issue, industry, or community.

  • Trend & emerging issues analysis

  • Scenario forecasts

  • Strategic implications reports

One and multi-day courses to teach your people the skills and tools to develop foresight and integrate it with planning.

  • 1-day introductory courses

  • Multi-day training programs

  • Online Sessions

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Why are our services particularly valuable today?

Two hundred years of industrial development and technological change have given us a world of unprecedented connectivity and interdependence.  This has created greater complexity in business and life, which has created greater uncertainty about the future.  Our traditional methods of planning and predicting simply don’t work anymore.  A more complex world requires more sophisticated approaches.


Foresight and strategic analysis will help your organization:

  • Identify critical blindspots

  • Reduce uncertainty about the future

  • Map new opportunities for growth and innovation

  • Create shared understanding about possibilities and changes


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