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Anticipating Risks, Appropriating Disruption

Learn how you can shape the future of Hawai'i


The Future Requires Resilience

What is the picture that comes to mind when you envision future generations in Hawai'i?  The risks that organizations face today are expanding in number and in complexity. Anticipating these emerging risks - as well as future opportunities - requires good foresight.


Foresight has become a critical competency for leaders of the future.


Future Resilience Requires Foresight

Anticipating Risks, Appropriating Disruption is a one-day training course in 4 Steps to the Future, a model for developing foresight used by planners at organizations as diverse as Pepsi and the US Secret Service. Developed by Dr. Richard Kaipo Lum, 4 Steps is taught and used around the world to develop foresight in an increasingly turbulent world.


• Learn a model for developing foresight used by teams around the world
• Get hands-on experience with the process and tools
• Immediate insights into Hawai'i's futures


The workshop includes original 4 Steps worksheets and additional training materials for students. Participants each receive a copy of 4 Steps to the Future: A Quick and Clean Guide to Creating Foresight.

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