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Dr. Richard Kaipo Lum Presenting on Conflict and Security Futures at SOFWERX

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The Rippel Foundation, who established FORESIGHT, a partnership of 17 philanthropies from across the US, hired Vision Foresight Strategy, LLC to research the future of health and well-being in the US.


The Game Changers series is nine combinations of related trends and emerging issues with the potential to transform the future of health in the US. In the recording above, we explore the future of machines—not just machines that are physical hardware, like an autonomous  car or a robot, but digital machines made entirely of software, ranging from simple social media algorithms to advanced artificial intelligence (AI).  These machines also become more interconnected every day, developing into its own increasingly automated ecosystem with profound implications for the future.


Machines are inevitably going to be a factor in the future. What does this mean for your business?



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