We offer a variety of services designed to map out the strategic and long-term context of your organization.  Our global network of foresight professionals will help your organization identify, explore, and forecast the forces driving change in your business.


Foresight is best understood as insight into how and why the future might be different from today.  We apply a variety of approaches and methods to help you anticipate the types of changes and challenges your issue, industry, or community will face in the future. will


We have provided tailored foresight solutions to organizations of all sizes, across business, government, and the non-profit sector.  If you want a more robust picture of the emerging landscape, then we can help you develop and map that foresight.

Dr. Richard Kaipo Lum Presenting on Conflict and Security Futures at SOFWERX

Read the article recently published on Small Wars Journal by Associates Jon Cederquist, Anne Gibbon, and Dr. Richard Lum. 

In "SOF Futures," the authors explore some of the pathways of change special operations forces may experience as the world moves through its current era of transition.

Article Featuring Richard Lum

Our very own Dr. Lum is featured in the April issue of Hawaii Business Magazine article, "Hawaii: Global Headquarters of the Future." 


The article provides an excellent introduction to futures studies and explores the long history of futures thinking and training in Hawai'i under Professor James Dator.


One of the rare well-researched and accurately conveyed articles on futures studies.  Check it out today!

Aaron K. Yoshino, Hawaii Business Magazine

How Futurists Analyze Workforce Trends

A National Association of Workforce Boards podcast with Dr. Richard Lum on futurists and futures thinking.


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