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Repo in an Autonomous Future

Good foresight requires continuous scanning and emerging issues analysis.

Opening the Aperture

To do good foresight work, especially in today’s turbulent context, one of the things we need is more information about the wider world.

The Future is an Expanding Space

“The future” is an expanding space of possibilities, not a contracting one. This is why we typically talk about the futures ahead of us,...

10 Things #4: Automation and Autonomization

Number four on our list of ten things that your upcoming scenarios or forecasts need to account for is machines doing things without us. ...

Shifting Your Model

Thinking critically about the future is not simply identifying events that are possible. It is also about shifting between the best models.

10 Things #3: Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is an amazing (or terrifying, depending upon your point of view) new field that you need to understand.

Not Challenging Enough

There are a number of very serious, long-run transitions underway that are reshaping our world in fundamental ways. Climate change is...

Update: July Training Workshop

Bottom Line: the July 25th workshop at Bard College has been rescheduled to October 11. Due to scheduling conflicts with other projects...

Disinformation is Not a Future Problem

In ten years’ time, “disinformation” is not going to be the headline. Something else will. Something else will dominate people’s...

Self-Deploying Supply Points

Bottom Line: Military logistics of modern life may see increased automation, capabilities, efficiency, and few people Source: The Nippon...

The DAO of Foresight

Bottom Line: foresight helps organizations anticipate today more of what is possible tomorrow. This is the way…

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