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Available on, this practical guide offers a straight forward and step-by-step approach to developing foresight for organizations of all types.  Providing a simple model that can be expanded and adapted as needed, this book introduces the fundamentals of good futures thinking in a four step process complete with ready-to-use worksheets, clear process steps, and checklists for good daily habits and critical assessments.

From the back cover:

"4 Steps to the Future provides a concise, pragmatic structure to think about business strategy in an environment where innovation is disrupting traditional approaches. A quick, engaging read with helpful examples, it shows one how to systematically challenge one's assumptions about how the competitive landscape may change."

Allen Uyeda, former President and Chief Executive Officer, First Insurance Company of Hawaii

"In 4 Steps to the Future, Dr. Richard Lum has created a unique and immensely practical manual that will be useful for anyone engaged in critical thinking and strategic planning, particularly those leaders who are responsible for developing strategic goals in the face of change and uncertainty."

Malia Du Mont, former Co-President and Chief Operating Officer, Axis Capital Inc.

"This is an outstanding "how-to" book for anyone wanting to get started in the art and science of futures and forecasting.  Dr. Lum struck the perfect balance of description, instruction, practicality and humor in this easy to read volume."

Stephen D. Kiser, former Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

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