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Bringing practical, everyday foresight to organizations in Alaska, Hawai'i, and the US West Coast.

The world is changing fast. 


That statement is, unfortunately, no longer remarkable.  Several important transitions have been building for the past two decades and are now making themselves felt in undeniable ways: major geopolitical shifts, a changing world climate, the rise of pervasive machine intelligence, and unprecedented new powers to shape the world’s biology at the genetic level.  Amidst these long-run transformations, we have all been experiencing increasing disruptions, from 9/11 to the financial crisis of 2008 to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Leaders today need practical tools for gaining clarity about the possibilities that the future holds.


And that is what we do: work with leaders to reframe how their organizations see the future, using a straightforward set of tools tailored to the organization.  We help clients build their new maps of the future and then facilitate that ongoing strategic conversation, keeping the map updated and navigating its changes.

VFS was founded by Dr. Richard Kaipo Lum, one of the world's few academically trained futurists.


Partnerships and Projects


New Era, New Vision

Established by the US Congress in 1960, EWC brings together nations and peoples across the Indo-Pacific.  We help their leadership team with making sense of the region’s fast changing futures.


Navigating Change

Island asked us about working with their leadership to forecast new scenarios that could inform strategy. We worked together to create new maps of their emerging landscape.


Scanning the Horizon

Rippel approached us about conducting a horizon scan to support their national effort to create a new vision.  We were able to map the future with them and support them in broadening the use of foresight.


Scenarios and Strategy

We worked with Nuvision to dig into the trends and forecast new scenarios for their industry.  Together we used those forecasts to map their strategic options and focus their strategic discussions.


Facilitating Exploration

The Bradley Lake Project Management Committee asked us to assist with focused discussions about the long-term futures of energy in Alaska. We work with them to sustain a collaborative conversation about the future.


Learning and Outcomes

Over a decade we assisted KS with projects ranging from scenarios about the futures of education to modeling and foresight training for staff. Today, they continue using the skills we helped to develop.


Exploring Tomorrow

FICOH approached us about working with their leadership to take a new look at their fast-changing landscape.  Together we developed a new view of the many issues and opportunities that were emerging on the horizon.


Future Scenarios

We were asked to assist with forecasting global scenarios for a large foresight initiative. We developed a long-range forecast and worked with other futurists to facilitate a foresight process with PepsiCo's research divisions.


Versatility with a breadth and depth of experience in foresight, strategy, and innovation.

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