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A Contest over Culture, and More.

This is a good example of how, in this new era we've entered, more and more actors are empowered and galvanized to contest the way things are. For example, there is a global, multifaceted competition to change global culture and norms. And the CCP is just one actor there, albeit a big one.

As we're watching these contests over defining and dominating issues of global importance in this new era, it may be important to consider that for many of these issues over which we are "competing," they aren't really "races" with a finish line and a trophy. For example, our jockeying for position and influence in the information/narrative/culture spaces will be perpetual as well as intense.

For so many of these "competitions" - things like narrative, "AI", space - the future isn't going to be one-and-done.

Unless this new era really does produce some new and relatively long-lived and stable arrangement of global power, norms, and structures, it might be better to see ourselves in perpetual contest, negotiation, and collaboration. Really picture that and embrace it.

Maybe this next period of world history will be more like a really long soccer game in which five, six, seven, or more teams are all on the field at the same time... perpetual motion on the field and a complex dynamic of working with and against one another.

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