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Analogies for AI

I like the analogizing riff he’s on in this talk.  Just today, on a panel for the virtual pre-conference workshop series ahead of the Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference, we were discussing how to think about AI.  These are machines – they are tools.

And if we’re talking about the most recent generative AI systems (tools) being deployed all over the place right now, then AI becomes the UI.


Now, when we are trying to think more expansively about these machines, my preferred metaphor has been to think of an emerging ecosystem of machines.  We are introducing into the world agents that the world has never before seen. And of course, that relates to my “three worlds” framing to extend that: the overlapping Venn diagram of natural, human, and machine worlds.

That’s a helpful way to think about these new tools that facilitate futures thinking and foresight work.


Hit us up to get your team into deeper conversations about how these and other technologies may transform your landscape in the years ahead.

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