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Emerging Issues for 2022

With rapid changes occurring across the social, technical, and political landscapes, IW-focused organizations need analytic frameworks that move beyond trend-based projections to continually reassess divergent and convergent possibilities.

VFS's annual report on emerging issues relevant to the futures of irregular warfare is now available.

Among the strategic implications of this year's EI:

  • Special operations forces (SOF) will be called upon more often to use its expanded capabilities in the future

  • Faced with a diversifying array of competitors for partnerships, SOF will have to decide between legacy roles/missions or expanding its offerings to be competitive

  • Blurring of roles and authorities among those with overlapping concerns and conflicting definitions within this novel domain (virtual reality)

Download the report to read more.

EI4CS 2022 v1.0 FCR
Download PDF • 799KB

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