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Is your strategic plan still valid in a COVID world?


Join us on Sept 24th for a free webinar and Q&A that will demonstrate how we can help you navigate these many winds of change and strategically plan for such a chaotic world

The world is in the midst of multiple, simultaneous transitions.  The pandemic has accelerated many of these trends and has introduced dramatic new uncertainties and turbulence.

  • Economics: supply chains, business models, entire industries on life support

  • Education: campuses closed, WFH parents as teachers, and long-term education at risk

  • Health Care: overwhelmed systems, systemic vulnerabilities revealed, drive towards digital health

  • Finance: drastic changes in spending, markets defying expectations, investor anxiety

Fortunately, organizations that apply foresight to their strategic planning and decision making have the tools and insights to anticipate new threats and identify emerging opportunities in times of dramatic change.

Corporate Foresight and Its Impact on Firm Performance: A Longitudinal Analysis, by Rohrbeck, R., & Kum, M. (2017), concludes firms that applied corporate foresight demonstrated a "33% higher profitability and a 200% market capitalization growth when compared to the sample average."

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