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Across Sectors: Connecting the Dots

VFS is constantly talking to Executives across a variety of public, private, and non-profit sectors. A few of our current clients include:

  • Member-owned utility company

  • Congressionally mandated cultural and educational exchange program

  • Mid-sized regional credit union

  • Non-profit animal welfare organization

  • Private equity and investment firm

While these organizations vary widely, we find certain topics come up again and again in our workshops and strategic conversations. Budgets, hiring, and customer experience are universal business concerns. And since chatGPT exploded into the headlines around this time last year, we've talked about AI with everyone. But what else would a spread of businesses like these have in common?

Look for future posts in the Across Sectors series for insight into the trends, emerging issues, and common conversation topics VFS hears from the C-Suite across the breadth of our client base.

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