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Being Proactive- How to Stop Putting out Fires

Does your morning routine consist primarily of putting out fires and reacting to events within your organization? Do external events regularly disrupt your workflow, forcing you to reschedule and reprioritize?

To efficiently maximize resources, organizations must be effective in proactively understanding and shaping their future.

In our America Futures 2021: Brief #1 , released in November 2020, we presented an analysis of the coming year and asked several questions across our client spectrum- I will highlight one:

For military leaders: How do your current plans anticipate and prepare to deal with emerging issues such as a return of domestic extremism in the ranks?

Military leaders and organizations are currently reacting to a problem that was apparent more than 4 months ago. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin orders military-wide effort to address extremism in the ranks - CBS News

Take action today to mitigate events that surprise and disrupt your organization- reach out now to achieve your Vision through Foresight and effective implementation of your Strategy.

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