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Bioelectronic Paper

Nowadays, it can certainly feel like all the news out there is a binary choice between the end of civilization and absolutely frivolous.  As a futures folks who are constantly scanning for signals of change, we definitely empathize.

So, to share along a hopeful signal of change that probably didn’t make the rounds on your Instagram feed, here’s a pretty cool one about researchers working on flexible and biodegradable “paper.”  With this bioelectronic paper, the researchers are trying to perfect something that can be cut or folded and implanted in the body for minimally invasive treatments.


Just a reminder that whilst it can seem like the entirety of the online world is working to tear apart sanity, there are, in fact, a lot of people out there plugging away at things that could make the world a better place in the future.


As always, hit us up to work with your team on exploring this and other signals of future change.

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