• Richard Lum

Is Your Knowledge Useful?

We have reading lists, newsletter subscriptions, data feeds and platforms streaming us premium content daily. Are you effectively absorbing/understanding/analyzing AND applying it to your professional field?

Clients often express surprise during working groups as we discuss a topic familiar to them but bring them to a new understanding. We do this using different tools and models designed to frame layers of data into different perspectives that drive thought creation.

Below is a sample of articles I read yesterday- I challenge you to read them and write down your takeaways. Then I challenge you to use our sensing model Sensing the Future of Warfare (visionforesightstrategy.com) and quickly relook each article, mentally fill in the layers/lenses, and then note your takeaway.

A Grand Strategy Based on Resilience - War on the Rocks

Why ‘soft robots’ have NASA, doctors, and tech whizzes so excited – Fortune (ampproject.org)

The United States as the Security Partner of Choice: Highlights of 2020 and a Look Ahead to 2021 - United States Department of State

The Indigenous Approach EP 6: SF Identity Part 2 - YouTube

New Design Case Study between 75th Ranger Regiment and JSOU to be published Spring 2021... | LinkedIn

Did the model make you think of the articles differently? Did you discover new ideas? Was it useful? Let us know what you think!

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