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Shredding Our Maps

Updated: Sep 6

The mental maps for 2020 that we all began the year with have been completely torn up. We all desperately want a new map of the landscape. We need to be very careful trying to build new ones.

If Ever there were a Year of Abandoned New Year’s Resolutions…

Like so many others, I began 2020 full of hope and excitement. New exciting projects starting up, a busy travel schedule filled out into the summer, conferences and presentations around the world, and a long-planned (and fully booked) vacation taking my kids to Disneyland. Then the pandemic swept the world, we quickly implemented new health policies, equipped and sent staff to work from home, and hurriedly reorganized our home and daily schedules to accommodate two parents working remotely and co-teaching children who had completely missed their Spring Break and were now confined within the walls of our home.

Even in those early days of the lock downs it was apparent that the pandemic was unlikely to end quickly or quietly. Infections and death tolls rose with alarming speed, unemployment skyrocketed, and each new day brought a raft of new uncertainties and emerging issues to further obscure our view of the future. And then, on top of this, outrage over systemic racial injustice sparked widespread civil unrest and a new set of societal disruptions. While the pandemic continues to have deep and wide-ranging impacts on our society, these disruptions are also interacting with other larger, long-run forces that have been steadily building towards historic, fundamental changes in our lives.

Together, these disruptions will prevent the landscape ahead of us from settling down into anything like a new, stable normal anytime soon. In order to make the best decisions possible during this time, we need to see this period in the proper context, and we need to employ more of the right type of foresight.


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