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10 Things You Need to Include in Your 10-Year Forecasts

First up: addressing climate change.

If you are working on a set of scenario forecasts that go out at least ten years, then in some way those scenarios should account for climate change. Long-run changes like sea-level rise, rising temperatures, and shifting ecosystems ultimately affect everyone and everything. There is no escaping it. Climate change is the perfect example of inherently systemic change. Whether or not your organization’s day-to-day work seems directly dependent on the natural world outside your door, it absolutely is indirectly dependent on it in myriad ways. Work with your group to understand those dependencies and be sure to account for how climate change could impact the broader landscape around you in your 10-year scenarios. If your strategic scenarios don’t somehow address climate change, then they are not future-realistic.

Maybe want some help with building your next set of scenarios? Let’s talk about how best to assist you.

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