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Opening the Aperture

To do good foresight work, especially in today’s turbulent context, one of the things we need is more information about the wider world. More precisely, we need information from a wider cross section of society. How is automation reshaping supply chains across the globe? In what ways are finance entrepreneurs far across the globe employing new technologies to solve problems? How do space industry innovators expect future launch capabilities and a future space economy to impact terrestrial industries and trade flows?

In periods of few connections and low technological change we can do a pretty good job building decent foresight on things we already know about (i.e. already elements of our industries or communities). In historic periods such as what we are living through now, with a bewildering array of interdependencies and unprecedented levels of technological development, we have to develop a greater awareness of what is going on out in the wider world and incorporate more of those possibilities into our own forecasts.

Want to talk about how we can help inject more of this information into your organization’s discussions? Contact us today to set up a call.

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