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Parental Dilemmas and Political Crisis

A couple of articles in the Washington Post yesterday grabbed our attention. One deals with the very serious decision many parents are having to make right now about whether or not to send their kids back to school. This is exactly the dilemma we anticipated in June in the second edition of our Trans-COVID foresight roadmap (see attached). Not a fun decision for any parents to confront right now.

The other looks towards the possibility of a constitutional crisis emerging from the upcoming 2020 presidential election here in the US. This very emerging issue was forecast in the workup for our Rapid Forecast, "The Challenge of Political Change."

The upcoming election itself is one of the three successive disruptions that, for the US at least, has punctuated what is already a period of historic transitions.

Foresight Roadmap v1.1 FCR
Download PDF • 323KB

Rapid Forecast - US Political Futures v1.0 FCR
Download PDF • 302KB

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